A CALL has been made to the National Trust to take urgent action over mounds of rubbish and illegal camping taking place at a local beauty spot they own.

Mountains of waste - including a broken trampoline, kids’ bikes and old mattresses -have been left at Morfa Bychan, near Pendine, since the end of last summer and illegal campers have already pitched up this year.

“If this was happening at Freshwater West then, quite rightly, there would be a public outcry,” said MP Simon Hart “But because this is a less well known spot, this rubbish has been left there for nearly six months.”

The problem arises because a track that leads to the small cove means that anyone can drive down to the bay.

“Last summer there were people camping there for months and when they left there was a huge pile of waste,“added Mr Hart. “It’s been made worse because a plastic container that has also been left there is now being used like a skip and campers dump their black bin bags in it. These then get ripped open by gulls and the litter is blown up the valley.

“The rubbish was reported in September to Carmarthenshire County Council but no action has been taken yet.

“But this land is owned by the National Trust and I have written to them to ask that they urgently tidy it up and erect some ‘no camping’ signs.

“This was one of the most beautiful and unspoilt bays in south west Wales and what is happening down there is a terrible shame.”

A spokesman for National Trust Wales admitted there was an “ongoing problem” in the area and lockable barriers were being considered. These would prevent fly tippers and illegal campers, while allowing other people to enjoy the area.