A NATIONAL Trust beach clean has taken place at the fly tipping and illegal camping hotspot of Morfa Bychan, near Pendine.

The National Trust’s Carmarthenshire ranger, Carol Bailey, organised the latest in a series of clean-ups at the cove after MP Simon Hart highlighted the problem.

Almost every holiday weekend and all through the summer holiday, illegal camping takes place at the beach and mounds of rubbish are left behind.

“Last summer one family stayed for about six weeks and when they left there were broken bicycles, a wrecked trampoline and huge piles of black bags,” said Mr Hart, who joined in the clean-up.

The National Trust has tried to restrict access, but gates have been removed, enormous boulders pulled out of the way, locks glued and wooden signs burned. Legal action can be taken to move on the campers but they are allowed to return after just two days.

“We have been quietly fighting a battle down here over the years, but we feel like we are now losing the war,” said Ms Bailey.

During the day, the team filled a large skip with rubbish including the remains of a burned-out caravan and hundreds of bottles, cans, nappies and other waste left behind by campers.

“This is such a beautiful, wild spot and it is being ruined for many by the selfish few,” said Mr Hart.

“I am now working with the National Trust to set up a meeting of all interested parties to try to find a way to protect this precious piece of coastline.”