As MPs take their seats for the first time in the House of Commons today (Tuesday), the new MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, Simon Hart has spoken about his 'baptism of fire' during his first ten days in the job.

Mr Hart is the first Conservative to represent south Pembrokeshire since 1992. He told the Western Telegraph that "nothing could prepare you for the job."

He said: "You are plunged into this strange new world. You get given your laptop, your phone and a locker and off you go.

"The political events that followed were fascinating. We were suddenly witnesses to the formation of this historic coalition Government."

Mr Hart said that the decision to form a coalition was "warmly endorsed" by the Conservatives and that "everybody recognised that we needed to take a step back from party politics."

When asked what he thought the new Government meant for his constituency, he said: "I don't think anyone can safely predict how it will affect our area, anyone who tells you they know is speculating wildly, although the early signs are rather encouraging."

He added: "If there was something that I thought was potentially damaging to our area then I would say no. Members have got to have the guts to say no."

Mr Hart also mentioned how he received a stream of letters and emails from constituents merely hours after being elected.

"I've now got around 60 issues that I need to address and I'm already feeling conscious that I haven't got an office or staff yet so I want to get on with it and get it started," he said.

Following his election to parliament, Mr Hart stepped down as chief executive of the Countryside Alliance. He explained: "I simply don't think it's possible to do the jobs effectively without one or both suffering."

Mr Hart won election to Parliament on May 7th with 41.1% of the vote.