More than 70 people from the Anchorage, Avenue and Portfield Day Centres in Pembrokeshire recently participated in a Paralympiad indoor athletics event.

The event, at the Bloomfield Leisure Centre, Narberth, began with an opening ceremony led by Olympic torchbearer Rhys Eynon of Cleddau Warriors, carrying his Olympic Torch.

The Paralympiad consisted of a variety of indoor athletic events.

Angela Miles, disability sport development officer for Pembrokeshire, said she was impressed at the standard displayed by some of the athletes and hopes that some of the participants will join clubs in the county.

Medals, sponsored by Valero, were presented by Rhys Eynon to the top three achievers in each event.

The medallists were: Kimberly Wooley (Avenue Day Centre), Jackie Woodward (Anchorage Day Centre), David Griffiths (Portfield Day Centre), Simon Wooley (Avenue), Chris Thomas (Avenue), Andrew Purser (Anchorage), Faye Griffiths (Anchorage), Andrew Williams (Portfield), Mark Smith (Anchorage), Christopher Thomas (Avenue), Clive Tasker (Anchorage), TomBarritt (Avenue), Leigh Cherry, (Anchorage), Mark Kidner (Anchorage).