Warren Gatland might be known as a hard-nosed coach who has enjoyed success with Wales and the British Lions but he certainly showed his other side when he was a special guest at GD Harries' superb family day at their headquarters in Narberth which raised welcome funds for the 'Morgan Fights' campaign.

He was joined by Eleri Sion, the well-known radio presenter with BBC Wales and Radio Cymru, in a unique question and answer session held in the open air on the back of a lorry which was thoroughly enjoyed by a large crowd of adults and children who were held enthralled by his answers to questions from children as young as eight to old-timers in their 70s.

These were chosen from the audience by Bill Carne and included a whole range of rugby issues that ranged from his experiences with the Lions in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, his views on Welsh players past and present, the new rule that prevents some Welsh players now playing outside the country being selected, and his thoughts on his own future career.

He didn't duck a single question that was expertly posed by Eleri Sion in between the audience's involvement and the undoubted highlight came when a young lad asked him if the Lions' players were afraid when they faced the haka.

Warren explained how he'd had to learn the haka when he was in the All Blacks' squad as a player and the most frightening thing was learning the words and actions and having to perform it in front of senior players - and delighted the audience as he stood up and performed it in full!

When asked by Eleri if he'd been scared by such a fierce performance the youngster had everyone chuckling as he answered in the negative!

Both celebrities had readily agreed to take part, without any hesitation and free of charge, after the persuasive invitation by GD Harries' manager Janet Phillips, who had co-ordinated the whole day of events and fun activities, and as a token of esteem for a great job done they received special mementoes.

Warren received a special slate clock where each hour was shown by a different international rugby jersey and Eleri was given a slate table lamp, which were respectively presented by Julie and Ian Harries, the owners of the company, and made by one of their employees, Richard Morris.

Warren Gatland and Eleri Sion both met Morgan Hayes, his parents and grandmother, and both told us that he had thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the event and were delighted to help such a worthy cause.

Janet Phillips was clearly delighted by success of the day-long event and added: "We decided as a company that we had to help Morgan and would like to thank our staff for their total support, the local people who gave help and the fantastic crowds who turned out all day, the wonderful musicians who entertained and finally the stars who came to provide a wonderful climax to such a great day!"