Muller's Corner: Part two of poet's tale

Western Telegraph: Left: Tombstone of George Essex Evans in Toowoomba, Australia. Right: Vince and Dr Heather Little have been researching the origins of George Essex Evans in Haverfordwest. (11693808)

2:24pm Friday 24th October 2014

TWO weeks ago, historian Mark Muller wrote about George Essex Evans, poet laureate of Australia. Here, he details a visit from Dr Heather Little, a retired Australian GP who visited Pembrokeshire in search of more information about the poet.

Muller's Corner: Journey to Australia (and back again)

Western Telegraph: PORTRAIT OF THE POET AS A YOUNG MAN: George Essex Evans in his youth. PICTURE: Brisbane University.


1:20pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

THE difficult early years of George Essex Evans may well have helped shape his career as an international poet, explains historian Mark Muller.

MULLER'S CORNER: County on standby as war is declared

Western Telegraph: WAR WORDS: How Pembrokeshire found out the world was at war.

1:16pm Thursday 28th August 2014

THIS week, historian Mark Muller discusses how, in 1939, an unassuming newspaper article informed Pembrokeshire the country was at war, and the effect the announcement had on the county at large...

From the Western Telegraph files: August 1954

1:12pm Thursday 28th August 2014

From the files of the Western Telegraph: August 1954

FIRST WORLD WAR: Exhibition sheds light on local wartime stories

Western Telegraph: REMEMBERING THE FALLEN: The team behind the WWI exhibition at Fishguard Town Hall.
PICTURE: Western Telegraph (9135586)

4:20pm Sunday 17th August 2014

AN EXHIBITION showing the devastating effects the First World War had on Fishguard and its surrounding areas has opened in the Town Hall.

Great project on the Great War.

Western Telegraph: PROUD OF THE PUPILS: Teacher Claire Sommerville and Councillor Simon Hancock are pictured with some of the War memorabilia featured in the pupils' display. PICTURE: Western Telegraph. (5939395)

3:46pm Sunday 17th August 2014

PUPILS at a Neyland school won a prize for their World War I display, entered in an all-Wales competition.

FIRST WORLD WAR: The poignant story of two Narberth brothers, David and Evan Salmon, who died in the Somme on consecutive days is to feature in a dramatic portrayal as part of the town’s museum’s commemoration of the First World War.

Western Telegraph: Double tragedy: The Salmon brothers died in the Somme a day apart. (9350111)

3:29pm Sunday 17th August 2014

The poignant story of two Narberth brothers who died in the Somme on consecutive days is to feature in a dramatic portrayal as part of the town’s museum’s commemoration of the First World War.

Witchcraft in Pembrokeshire

Western Telegraph: 'A FASCINATING SOCIAL PHENOMENON': Witchcraft accusations tell us a lot about the role of women in society, male attitudes and forms of control, relationships within communities and how local conflicts were resolved. (9269069)

4:13pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

THIS week, Simon Hancock, social historian and curator of Haverfordwest Town Museum, shares his fascinating research in to witchcraft in seventeenth century Pembrokeshire.

Muller's Corner: General Sir Thomas Picton

Western Telegraph: The memorial at St Paul's. PICTURE: Courtesy of St Paul's Cathedral.

3:20pm Friday 13th June 2014

THIS week, historian Mark Muller paints a picture of the life of General Sir Thomas Picton, and his link to the Battle of Waterloo...

MULLER'S CORNER: Looking back at Haverfordwest's Liberal Chambers

Western Telegraph: MULLER'S CORNER: The plaque showing the gift of the property which became the Liberal Chambers in St Mary's Street, Haverfordwest. PICTURE: Courtesy of Joe and Frances Masters.

3:42pm Wednesday 21st May 2014

THIS week, local history enthusiast Mark Muller looks at the interesting history of Haverfordwest's Liberal Chambers.

A working life on the railways

Western Telegraph: TAKING ON WATER AT GLOGUE: Ronnie is pictured in his overalls on one of the engines he worked on. PICTURE: Howells Family

10:50am Wednesday 14th May 2014

WILLIAM “Ronnie” Howells worked on the railways from the age of 16 until his 65th birthday.

Muller's Corner: History of a Tudor house

Western Telegraph: WRECK: The Tudor house before it was demolished.
PICTURE: The late Joe Masters, courtesy of Frances Masters. (5935424)

2:31pm Friday 9th May 2014

MANY of you will have been to St Fagans and seen the medieval beauty that is the Tudor’s Merchant’s House, but do you know the history of how it got there? Historian Mark Muller tells all...

LOCAL HISTORY: Last man hanged in Haverfordwest

Western Telegraph: TRAGEDY AND PUNISHMENT: The murder of 23-year-old William Davies, of Boulston, followed an argument at the ale house at Deep Lake Farm, pictured. The ‘ale house’ was in the white outbuilding. Picture: Courtesy of Mr and Mrs Morgan. (5550558)

10:40am Wednesday 23rd April 2014

This week, local historian Mark Muller looks at crime and punishment and the story of the last man hanged in Haverfordwest...

Golden vintage for car club

Western Telegraph: OLDEST CAR: Tom, Mike and Alex Richards with the family's 1913 Morris Oxford bullnose - complete with original paintwork (barring one wing) and hood.All the family brought cars to Pembrokeshire Vintage Car Club's 50th anniversary get together at S

3:29pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

A PEMBROKESHIRE car club is celebrating a very special vintage this year.

Muller's Corner: The legend that was Bill Jenkins

Western Telegraph: RACONTEUR: The late Bill Jenkins.

11:22am Thursday 13th March 2014

THIS week, Nostalgia columnist Mark Muller pays tribute to the late Bill Jenkins, who died in May 2012, aged 99.

Muller's Corner: Rudbaxton Church

Western Telegraph: EERY: Monument to the Howard family

4:57pm Thursday 13th February 2014

St Michael’s Church, in Rudbaxton, stirs different emotions in all who come to view it.

TV history show finds artist's final resting place

Western Telegraph: Pembrokeshire-born artist Gwen John who died  in September 1939, aged 63. (3772006)

3:36pm Thursday 6th February 2014

TV DOCUMENTARY-makers have discovered the final resting place of Pembrokeshire-born artist Gwen John.

Do you recognise these rugby legends?

Western Telegraph: Do you recognise these rugby legends?

3:06pm Wednesday 5th February 2014

A local man is hoping Nostalgia readers can help him find out more about this old photo, which features rugby legends as Gareth Edwards, Phil Bennet, and Ray Gravell.

Macabre link for county town

Western Telegraph: X MARKS THE SPOT: The death warrant showing Goffe's signature. (3610273)

11:02am Wednesday 29th January 2014

THIS month marks the 365th anniversary of the execution of King Charles I. Here, historian Mark Muller paints a picture of this historic event, and explains its links with Haverfordwest.

WAVE GOODBYE: Amroth was hit by fierce waves in 1931.

Western Telegraph: (3282908)

3:01pm Wednesday 8th January 2014

LOCAL county councillor, Jacob Williams, sent us two photos from Amroth – one he took following the recent storm damage, and the other, which he found among a box of old family photographs.

Muller's Corner: Letter fromLondon

Western Telegraph: LETTERS FROM LONDON: This part, showing the address, is even more important because it shows a post mark. (3169794)

3:43pm Tuesday 7th January 2014

NORMAN Jones is a retired telecoms engineer, now 86, who has spent much of his long life researching the Royal Mail and all that can be associated with it.

Norman link explored in last lecture of 2013

Western Telegraph: PIECE OF HISTORY: Pembroke Castle photographed in 1938. (2880147)

1:41pm Thursday 12th December 2013

AN EXPLORATION of the remains of Norman strongholds and the county’s role as an early Norman frontier was the subject of Pembrokeshire Historical Society’s latest lecture on Friday, December 6.

Museum goes from 'strength to strength'

12:01pm Friday 29th November 2013

The AGM of the Haverfordwest Town Museum Trust was held at Picton House last Tuesday evening. Officers elected were: chairman - Charles Davies, vice chairman - Barbara Shone, treasurer - David Butler, and secretary - Heather Jones.

German Prisoners of War in Pembrokeshire

8:01pm Tuesday 19th November 2013

This article is a bit different; it concerns the German Prisoners of War that were held in Pembrokeshire. It’s a subject that I have long had an interest in and have researched in depth... being as my father was one of them

Haverfordwest's invasion of the body-snatchers

Western Telegraph: NO ENTRY: The historic church is now closed to the public.
PICTURE: Western Telegraph. (1705186)

11:02am Wednesday 23rd October 2013

IN KEEPING with the time of year I thought to continue in the vein already set and divulge a blood curdling incident from 1823.

From Iron Age to the kitchen sink - take a peek inside Welsh houses

Western Telegraph: NOSTALGIA: Dyfed History Society talk - Inside Welsh Homes, by Rachael Barnwell. à 	¢ÂÂIsaac Haley lived at Glan-brà 	¢n in Carmarthenshire around 1900, and like many other wealthy home owners at that time he

8:02am Sunday 29th September 2013

FROM Iron Age to kitchen sink - Pembrokeshire Historical Society's winter series of lectures begins this week with a peek inside Welsh houses through the ages.

MULLER'S CORNER: Cloak and dagger tale lives on

Western Telegraph: MESSAGE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE: The grave of Lt Walker. (1204401)

2:02pm Wednesday 25th September 2013

HISTORIAN Mark Muller looks at a mysterious death in Victorian Pembrokeshire:

Life before the First World War

Western Telegraph: BEFORE THE WAR: Penally village, with its station in the foreground, is a picture-postcard view in 1913.
Penally History Group exhibition (1133941)

12:44pm Wednesday 18th September 2013

THE horrors of the First World War still stun people into silence today.

100 years on, brothers' impact is plane to see

Western Telegraph: REACHING NEW HEIGHTS: The James brothers with their plane. (1132718)

1:02pm Tuesday 17th September 2013

A CENTENARY celebration in memory of Clunderwen’s aviation pioneers will take place at the village’s community hall this weekend.

Doll saved little girl's life from bomb debris

Western Telegraph: BIG NEWS: Mrs Dorothy Davies still has a copy of the West Wales Guardian from September 1940. (1010470)

12:02pm Tuesday 3rd September 2013

IN ‘LUCKY escape from Luftwaffe’s bomb’ (Nostalgia, August 28) historian Mark Muller looked at the lucky escapes of Pembrokeshire people when a German bomb fell in Haverfordwest during the Second World War.

Plaque will remember Welsh poet at his home

4:35pm Monday 2nd September 2013

A PLAQUE marking Welsh poet and renowned pacifist Waldo Williams will be unveiled at his former home in Llandissilio later this month.

MULLER'S CORNER: Submariner hero of First World War remembered

Western Telegraph: St Martin's House, City Road, childhood home of British hero Captain Francis Cromie. 

Mark Muller Nostalgia page week 33 (809255)

6:19pm Tuesday 13th August 2013

IN the latest of his series of articles for Nostalgia, local historian MARK MULLER looks at the life of British hero Captain Francis Newton Cromie RN.

TWENTY-FIVE years since birth of the Pembrokeshire Flag

Western Telegraph: HANDING OVER THE BATON: Mike Davies at Pembroke Castle with Cllr Jacob Williams (767861)

8:59am Monday 12th August 2013

This week, former Haverfordwest mayor Mike Davies celebrates 25 years since the birth of the Pembrokeshire flag.

Help needed to identify stone turret near Llanstadwell

Western Telegraph: Help needed to identify stone turret near Llanstadwell

11:39am Tuesday 16th July 2013

History of stone turret near Llanstadwell and Blackbridge mystifies coast path walker.

MULLER'S CORNER: The history of Haverfordwest leper hospital

12:03pm Tuesday 16th July 2013

This week, historian Mark Muller delves into the health and history of Haverfordwest Priory.

Novel brings 1950s austerity to life

5:24pm Tuesday 11th June 2013

A NEW novel by Kilgetty write Judith Barrow aims to bring the austerity facing Britain in the 1950s to life.

MULLER'S CORNER: Age concern? Not likely.

5:23pm Tuesday 11th June 2013

 AT 94 my very good friend and neighbour Irene Long is leaving Pembrokeshire.

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